Teslin Environmental Services

Teslin Environmental Services (TES) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deisleen Development Corporation and operates a Land Treatment Facility (LTF) at the Bio-Mass Yard in Teslin. Two treatment cells contain soils excavated from contaminated sites in Teslin so the material can be remediated safely, and locally, for later re-use in the community. The cells are built to meet all environmental regulations and are maintained diligently, which primarily requires frequent turning of the soil.

TES is paid a fee in advance by the original owners of the contaminated soil and can sell the clean finished material. These revenues are used to engage local contractors each year for the treatment work, providing economic opportunities to our residents that would otherwise leak out to Whitehorse and beyond.

Contaminated soils were removed from Brooks Brook and the old Laundromat site and have been treated each year since. Approximately 2,000 metres of soil had been removed from the treatment cells in September 2019 and is being utilized in the Bio-Mass Yard. The cells are now available to accept further contaminated soils that may be discovered during upcoming major infrastructure projects in the area.

Please contact us at 867-390-2310 to learn more about how to apply for contract opportunities with TES.