Community Economic Development

The Deisleen Development Corporation ​mission is to foster strong social, economic, environmental, and culturally sustainable community development opportunities in Teslin.

Since our planning retreat in February 2019, the Board has decided to emphasize community economic development work for this year, undertaking research and planning to evaluate, select and move forward further investments in business and other economic support activities over the next few years. Evidence-based decision making is a critical foundation.

 Our work plan for this year includes:

  • DDC Project Management business plan
  • Business & innovation centre – needs analysis
  • Community knowledge – household survey
  • DDC business loan/grant fund – scan
  • Teslin Visitor Centre/Artisan co-op – pilot plan
  • DDC rental housing development – scoping
  • Teslin Tourism Association exploration
  • Business care services
  • CDP Contractor readiness bootcamp
  • Community bookkeeping enterprise
  • DDC website & social media
  • Quarterly partnership workshops
  • Heritage facilities & attractions support

We expect to be busy and will need the assistance of residents and businesses for this work. How can you help?


  • Please complete our surveys if you are asked – we promise to always respect your privacy and publish the results here so you can see how you are helping Teslin make good decisions
  • Please attend our many community events or talk to us at others as we really appreciate your engagement and good ideas

Or just call us at 867-390-2310 any time with your thoughts or stop by our office on Fox Street.