Project Management

Over the last 3 years, Deisleen Development Corporation​ has successfully developed and implemented a first-in-Yukon approach to managing projects in Teslin to maximize local participation and economic benefits. Previously, residents were frustrated that most capital dollars invested in Teslin were immediately leaving the community to the larger construction companies from Whitehorse and beyond who brought their own equipment and workers to Teslin and quickly left again. TTC, the Village of Teslin and Government of Yukon have partnered to enable DDC to manage projects locally, break work down into smaller parts that Teslin businesses can do and hire current residents wherever possible.

Please check regularly at Tenders and Jobs, register with our Teslin Business Directory or contact us at 867-390-2310 to learn more about how to apply for opportunities with DDC Project Management.

Examples of our successful recent projects include:

  • Village of Teslin Lift Stations
  • Connector Road
  • BST Road Surfacing
  • Drainage Ditching
  • Firesmart
  • Elders Wood
  • Tourism Kiosk
  • Derelict Vehicles