Plans & Research

Our community is known as a leader in collaborative planning and Deisleen Development Corporation participates actively with our partners. Teslin Tlingit Council and the Village of Teslin have adopted a joint Community Development Plan 2015-2025 that guides the development of our infrastructure and place in the interest of local opportunities.

DDC was founded as the outcome of the Reviving Our Economy initiative of 2011.

DDC takes direction from the DDC Long Term Sustainability Plan completed by the Board in 2016 and reviewed at a Board retreat in February 2019. The work of the retreat led to our current DDC Work Plan for 2020.

Our current work plan recognizes the need for a solid research base of relevant community economic knowledge to inform local investment, business development and the management of large construction projects to maximum community benefit. To that end we are undertaking a series of local surveys and other work and we commit to publishing our reports of the results here with open access for everybody to use as you need.


Joint Community Development Plan – Jobs Forecast