Ayla Smith

Acrylic Paintings; Sceneries of outdoors, Abstract (867) 332-3940

Charles Jules

Painter, Sew Dance Blankets, Vests, Fur Hats, Knitted/Crochet Hats & Scarfs, Weave Cedar Hats, Bent Wood Boxes, Build Snowshoes

Clara Jules

Sewing all kinds of stuff

(867) 335-3775

Dalyce Huot

Beading, Crafts (867) 332-0356

Elizabeth Bosely

Earrings, Small Crafts (Bracelets, Fish Scale Art, Slippers, Mukluks)

(867) 336-2545

Kenny Jackson

Carving (Stone, Wood, Ivory, Metal) Masks (Ceremonial Masks)

Laura Nolan

Traditional Medicines, Herbalist, Gardening

(867) 333-0762

Lena Moon

Sewing, Beading, Moccasins, Baby Moccasins, Mukluks, Mitts, Hats, Gloves, Regular Vests, Traditional Vests, Tans Own Skin (Moose, Caribou, Elk) Hair Barrettes, Quillwork, Pictures

(867) 390-2429

Martina Sidney

Beading, Fur, Regalia

(867) 689-1181

Minnie Clark

Photography, Beading

(867) 390-2624

Rod Stroud-Van Every

Local Handcrafts and Paintings

(867) 689-6179

Sam Johnston

Craftwork, Dancing Regalia, Head Pieces (Bands, Chokers), Drums, Leather

(867) 390-2569

Shan Tla Dewhurst

Traditional Products, Packsacks, Fur Hats, Gun Scabbards, Moccasins, Home Tanned Hide Products

(867) 390-2747

Tom Dickson

Mask Carver, Ivory Carving, Paneling, Logos, Painting, Drawing/Shading, Pendents, Necklaces (Feathers/Ivory) Lighter Cases/Wallets

(867) 390-2324