February 5, 2024

 (TESLIN, YUKON) The Board of Directors of Deisleen Development Corporation (DDC) is pleased to announce James Pugsley as the new General Manager of DDC. James brings a broad depth of experience to the position including 15 years of service delivering programs and services for the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency and Crown Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada, and over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur including six years specializing in community development support services for organizations in the Northwest Territories and Yukon.

The General Manager is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations and will be working with partners to advance a full range of community development objectives that support the Teslin Tlingit people, no matter their geographic location, as well as all residents in the Teslin Tlingit traditional territory.

Created in 2012, Deisleen Development Corporation is a not-for-profit community development organization with a mission is to foster strong social, economic, environmental, and culturally sustainable community development opportunities in Teslin.


“In 2024, Deisleen Development Corporation will continue to take important steps forward by engaging with the community and leading initiatives that support workforce development and community readiness for the opportunities ahead. The General Manager position is essential to meeting our obligations, and we welcome James in this role as someone with tremendous experience and capacity to help us meet our community development objectives.”

 Gordon Reed
Chair, Deisleen Development Corporation Board of Directors

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Gordon Reed
Chair, Deisleen Development Corporation Board of Directors

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